Certification & Traceability

All our Products are Certified by the Ethical Stones Organisation

Certification Process

Our Certification Process is implemented and monitored by the Ethical-Stones Organisation. We combine Ethical Stones Standards with guidelines provided by the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals

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Mine Inspection

For the sourcing of precious materials, Olimining insists on mine inspections with a third-party auditor in order make sure extraction methods prohibit the use of hazardous chemicals, and environmental and social standards are applied and adhered to.

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Olimining has developed a centralised digita traceability platform built to document and record precious materials from the mine to the end-user. This also includes data for financial transactions throughout the value-chain.

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Cutting and Trace-Analysis

Olimining and its partners provide access to authorised cutting and finishing centres in order to guarantee traceability and quality control. This includes chemical trace-analysis to determine the product origin and extraction process.

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Product Registration

Once materials have been analysed and finished, final-products are recorded and logged in the Ethical-Stones database for public access. These products are deemed certified as ethical.

Olimining aligns its operations to the standards of the Ethical Stones Organisation by:

Digital Traceability

✔ Insisting on mining operations to identify and report thoroughly.

✔ Demanding that infrastructure, financial and product information of gemstones and precious metals consignments from mines be recorded on its designated digital tracking platform.

✔ Ensuring alterations to merchandise and operations are clearly updated and recorded on its digital platforms.

✔ Maintaining a solid due diligence process and archive of legal documents (mining permits, certificates of origin, invoices, tax forms...)

Working Conditions

✔ Preventing and adapting to child labour issues on artisanal mines - Olimining invests in on-site schools to cater to single parents working on mines.

✔ Promoting equal opportunity in the workplace - Olimining lobbies for property rights and equal pay for women in the mining community, the predominant gender in artisanal mining.

✔ Abiding by ILO Standards for working conditions and safety regulations - ILO176.

✔ Investing in safe production methods and employee training.

Product Quality

✔ Investing in innovative mining technologies for the full materials cycle: Exploration, extraction, characterisation, processing, cutting & finishing, to product recycling and land reuse

✔ Solely using Cedar Oil for the finishing of gemstones, and trace-anylsis to identify the concentration of hazardous-chemicals in the processing of precious metals.

✔ Carrying out trace-analysis testing at an authorised Swiss Laboratory.

Social & Environmental Impact

✔ Avoiding sourcing from large industrial open-sky mining operations.

✔ Using innovative, smart and eco-friendly mining practices and machinery.

✔ Limiting the use of hazardous-chemicals throughout the processing stages.

✔ Consecutively developing public infrastructures, agricultural activities and eco-tourism activities to its mining operations.

Invests in on-shore downstream facilities to generate locaql jobs and repatriates profits towards to development of producing countries.

Innovate, Develop and Sustain

We export from a range of countries across the globe. Please contact us for more information...